Here at CJ Building Services we specialise in the construction of energy efficient and passive homes. Let us help you optimise our unique Northland environment and lifestyle with a CJ Building Services innovative home.

About CJ Building Services

If you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on building you shouldn’t have to wait until your home is finished to see if it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Don’t wait until it is too late or costly to make changes. CJ Building can take the guess work out of your building project

Here at CJ Building Services we are able to make your home more energy efficient saving you money over time and adding value to your home. We are able to take your plan and use computer modeling and the HERS rating system to work out the level of heating or cooling your house will need. This computer modeling allows us to make subtle changes to your plan to help your home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by working with the surrounding environment.

We look at the following:

Following consultation we will offer a recommendation on improving your homes energy efficiency without compromising your design. Most of the time there is no additional cost to the building we simply advise how to use building materials to their full potential and how to work with the surrounding environment.

We are able to give your home a star rating indicating how much heating or cooling your home will need (if any) to meet World Health Organization standards.

We use and recommend the star rating program is it doesn’t just look at the R Value like most programs, it combines the R Value, sun angles, window type, light, thermal mass and many more. With this information we can look not just at heat loss in the winter but also if your home will over heat in the summer.

C J Building helping you build smarter.

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CJ Building Services

CJ Building Services uses the following principles to ensure your home operates at optimum energy efficiency throughout the seasons.

Thermal mass

Thermal mass is effective in improving daily temperature fluctuations. When combined with passive solar design, thermal mass majorly reduces energy use, heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

HERS rating system

A home energy rating involves an analysis of a home’s construction plans and onsite inspections. Based on the home’s plans, the Home Energy Rater uses an energy efficiency software package to perform an energy analysis of the home’s design. This analysis yields a projected, pre-construction HERS Index. Upon completion of the plan review, the rater will work with the builder to identify the energy efficiency improvements needed to ensure the house will meet ENERGY STAR performance guidelines

Alternative and innovative energy options

We have experience in grass roof earth heat pumps, solar power and wind power, and have worked with both on and off-grid building designs. We design your insulation, your glazing, and your building orientation for optimum year-round energy efficiency.

CJ Building Services smarter techniques

When building your energy efficient home here is one of the many things we do which has little to no added cost but big return in money and water savings. We make sure all hot water lines run direct from the source to the outlet (ie tap). Less water is wasted waiting for hot water to reach the tap and less money is spent on hot water sitting in the pipes to go cold. This is just one of many things we look at to improve your home’s performance.