Here at CJ Building Services we specialise in the construction of energy efficient and passive homes. Let us help you optimise our unique Northland environment and lifestyle with a CJ Building Services innovative home.

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We are a small, personal company with a big reputation for friendly, professional service and high quality workmanship. We know that building your dream home is one of the biggest decisions you will make, which is why we strive hard to bring your dreams to reality. We take pride in building not just a house, but a home that reflects your individual tastes and needs while shielding you from the harsh Northland environment - keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

The trend with group home builders is to subcontract out the carpentry work, including the flooring, framing, linings and finishing. We don't do this as we believe that it lowers the final quality of the project and does not necessarily lower the price. Each project has a dedicated team of qualified carpenters and apprentices who see the work through from start to finish. If there are any technical issues our customers can rest assured that as qualified carpenters we can, and will, resolve them.

Why go to a sales rep to have a house built, when you can deal directly with a qualified builder?

We do not force-fit a standard plan to your site, we believe every situation (just like every customer) is unique; and therefore to get the best out of your section and your house you deserve a unique approach. We are happy to work with you, offering suggestions and developing your ideas to achieve the home you want, with imagination and without compromise.

In most cases it is possible to design attractive, uncomplicated sustainable buildings that operate in a straightforward manner, achieve high standards of energy efficiency, and incur little or no additional cost.

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